Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trip Recovery

I woke up this morning still somewhat grumpy.  New Mexico had soured me and I was ready to get to our destination.  We woke up just about fully charged and headed out towards Flagstaff.  There wasn't much to look at along the drive - vastly different from the awe-inspiring sites I had been spoiled by thus far.  E suggested I take a nap - smart guy.  Of note, Tesla did contact us and have Gallup up and running before we even ate breakfast.  Apparently we were (once again) the first ones to attempt to charge there and it wasn't quite ready.  As my husband put it, "we are driving on the razor's edge of development".

We drove through miles and miles of dead grass and nary a soul (or bathroom) in sight.  E was appropriately listening to Route 66 by Nat King Cole and Take It Easy by the Eagles as we were passing all of the towns and cities mentioned in the lyrics.  Eventually I had to eat my words as Arizona redeemed itself and our scenery once again turned unbelievably beautiful.  As the sights, temperature and distance we were covering improved, so did my mood and I was reminded to enjoy the journey.  We reached Flagstaff and plugged in at our fastest rate yet -- 289 mph of charge.  The temperature was above 50 degrees and I took my winter jacket off to be packed away.

The hotel lounge was extremely comfortable, but we didn't get to stay long before we headed south to Phoenix.  The plan is to buffer up in Phoenix (which is full of chargers, but no supercharger yet) and then make it to Quartzite where our next supercharge is waiting.

Flagstaff, AZ Supercharger

Gallup, NM to Flagstaff, AZ
184.5 miles traveled
61.2 kWh used
rate of 332 Wh/mi
arrived at 1055
Temp is 52*F

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  1. Fashion Square Mall at Tesla's store in Scottsdale is the best place to charge. Lots to do while you fill up for Quartzsite.