Monday, January 13, 2014

Supercharge City

We blew through Silverthorne, Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction fairly quickly.  The superchargers are only about 90 miles apart and we didn't have to stop long before we had more than double the range necessary and took off.

In Silverthorne, the superchargers are at an Outlet mall.  The weather was still very windy and snowy so we didn't venture out except to use the restroom and wave at our neighbors before we took off with 187 miles of R-Range.  Of note, the temperature also varied wildly during our trip.  We left Denver with temps in the 40s and the sun shining.  Not more than an hour or two later the temperature was in the single digits and the snow and wind were swirling around us.  I'm sure the people who live here are used to it, but I found it pretty amazing.  We saw numerous points where all commercial vehicles were required to stop and put chains on their tires.  Fortunately Brewtus did just fine in the snow, despite only being rear-wheel drive.  His weight and the precision with which the motor is able to control the wheel speed keeps him steady.

Silverthorne Supercharger

Chain-up Boys!

Silverthorne to Glendwood Springs
Traversed 92.7 miles, using 24.2 kWh at an average rate of 262 Wh/mi.
Arrived at 1852 in 28*F.

Glenwood Springs Supercharger was at a Marriott.  The supercharger spots hadn't been plowed, but did their job just fine.  We popped into the hotel to grab a lemonade and were back on our way.

Glenwood Springs Supercharger

Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction
95.3 miles, 32.5 kWh at 341 Wh/mi

Originally I had hoped to make it to Farmington, NM, but with our very late start and the weather, we decided to hit it early and stay in Grand Junction.  We refueled at an Outback while Brewtus had his dinner at the supercharger and hit the hotel.

Plenty of room for friends at the newly opened Grand Junction Supercharger

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