Tuesday, April 16, 2013

you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one...

I was feeling rather depressed after alla the happenings yesterday.  Sometimes it feels like things have just been in steady decline for our country since around 9-11 time.  Or maybe that was just when I was becoming old enough to pay much attention to it.  I suppose there have been wars, murders, rapes and kidnappings since the beginning of time.  It drives me mad watching the news.  Watching people watch clips of explosions and carnage over and over.  It will just become another notch on a post that all of the politicians and crazies use to try to further their agenda, whatever that may be.  The news stations spend hours showing footage and interviewing people talking about amputations and whatnot, because it will give them more ratings.  Why don't we interview some people who think they know how to stop this?  Why don't we spend hours discussing ways to spread education and love to try to combat all the hatred?  Oh, because we won't watch it.  Not unless it has some outlandish person yelling extremist views.  We just become more divided and sometimes after these events it just makes everything feel really meaningless.  What does it matter if it will eventually all be taken away in an instant?  It makes it more and more difficult to see the beauty and the good.

Today I'm making a conscious choice to grab ahold of the little things.  I'm realizing if I don't cling to them, I will fall into a black hole of depression and that would just make things more difficult for all the people around me that I love.  So today I'm looking at trees that we're going to nurture to bloom and grow delicious fruit.  I'm eating a steaming hot bowl of lugao in a little shop on the corner on a busy Tuesday morning in Chicago.  I'm sipping my coffee making plans to marry the love of my life, whatever that little piece of paper is supposed to signify, and throw a party for all of my friends and family in two weeks.  I'm deciding these things are what are important and are worth living for and being happy and raising children for so that they can experience those little things too.  I'll just choose to be one of those white blood cells, running towards the explosion.  That is what we are here for.  And when I'm feeling down, well... fake it till you make it.

Also, runners are the most hardcore, against all odds type of people there are.  There are hundreds of thousands of people continuing on, going out for their regular run today.  So fuck the bad guys.  I'm putting on my running shoes today, for the first time in months.  I'm going to sweat it out for Boston.  In your face, terrorists.  Distance runners are the most die hard, keep-on-keepin-on, mind-over-matter type people I know.  So lace-up and lets do this.

imagine there's no heaven
it's easy if you try
no hell below us
above us only sky
imagine all the people
living for today.