Friday, January 10, 2014

taste the sunlight.

We stayed out too late having fun with friends and chatting over (delicious) breakfast, so we didn’t get on the road until about 10:20am.  We left the car overnight in a parking garage about a mile away that has a chargepoint J1772. 

We left with a full charge of 245 miles in 24 degree weather.  We’re headed to the Worthington Supercharger, but since our range was cutting it close, we decided to stop and visit what looked like a cool charger at a local community college.  We didn't stay long -- just enough to ease my range anxiety, write this post and use the restroom.  

Rochester, MN to Albert Lea, MN
63 miles traveled, using 23.6 kWh.  Average Energy 374 Wh/mi.
Arrived with 164 miles R-Range
Charged for 45 minutes.
Left with 176 miles R-Range.

Riverland Community College's solar EV charger in Albert Lea, MN providing Brutus with his first taste of sunshine.

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