Thursday, July 3, 2014

Harris Ranch

This will be my third time at Harris Ranch this week.  It's an excellent stop with comfortable places to sit, good food, great beer and a fast charger.

Danielle's Supercharger Dance

Sizzlin' California Beef

Trippin on Sunshine

On the road again!  This time we are doing a quick tour of California.  We are driving up the 5 to Napa Valley and then going to take Highway 1 down the coast.  It promises to be a beautiful drive and being that we are in California, electrons will be freely flowing.

First stop - Tejon Ranch for some juice.  Tejon Ranch is one of the few superchargers that has been completely outfitted with solar energy.  It ironically mimics the gas station next door in the pull up and fuel up look.  We got an early start and were the first and only ones at this charger.  That wasn't unusual on our CHI - LA trip, but in CA I've found it's a rare occasion.  We've already passed 4 other Model S' rolling along the hills coming out of LA this morning.

Tejon Ranch Supercharger

Brewtus drinking that sweet sweet sunshine