Friday, January 10, 2014

Now we're rolling.

About to cross over into South Dakota.  I still can't get used to supercharging.  It's amazing.  My husband keeps having me guess how many miles we have at certain points while we're charging and I'm always way off.  I just guessed 49 and the actual number was 112.  Before we even got out of the car we had gotten 8 miles.  We went inside the restaurant, ordered a cup of soup, ate it and then got our burgers to go since we were already finishing charging.  You may have noticed we only got like 14 miles at the last spot... in 45 minutes.  We had more than that here before we even got inside.

Albert Lea, MN to Worthington, MN
116.5 miles traveled, using 46.5 kWh at an average of 399 Wh/mi.
Left with 176 miles R-Range, arrived with 14 left.
Charged for 45 minutes.
Left with a partial charge of 222 miles R-Range.
Temperature is 31*F.

so fast.

Brewtus is getting lonely at these superchargers.  Eventually we'll have a neighbor.

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