Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 2, complete.

At 2:30am today when we were going to bed, I thought for sure we wouldn't make it to Rapid City.  But with the smooth-smooth-sailing today, here we are!  There was also a pleasant time change as we pulled in, which meant we'll get an extra hour of sleep tonight too.  Woot.

We charged in Murdo, SD at the supercharger.  It's located at Range Country Lodging, which was an interesting place.  It's pretty impressive outside and inside there is an exquisite display of stuffed dead animals (yikes).  We moved on fairly quickly.

I'm sure the drive to Rapid City would have been gorgeous if it was day time.  We passed a lot of signs indicating scenic lookout points, but it was pitch-black out.  I would have loved to see some of the Badlands as we were driving through.  Next time.

Mitchell, SD to Murdo, SD
Left at 1810 with 217 R-Range partial charge in 33 degree weather.
Drove 140.1 miles using 54.8 kWh at an average of 391 Wh/mi.
Charged on a supercharger for 53 minutes.
Left with 202 miles rated range.

Murdo, SD to Rapid City, SD
Drove 136.1 miles, using 56 kWh at 412 Wh/mi.

Day two was a success.  Supercharging makes this stuff easy.

The current Supercharger locations.  As you can see there is just one choice for our route form Chicago to Los Angeles.

Supercharger in Murdo, SD

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