Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brewtus Returns to his Birthplace

The last couple portions of our trip were pretty uneventful.  Which for me is good, but for you all means boring.  We stopped in Indio, California to buffer our charge (again at a Nissan dealership) and have dinner.  We lost track of time and were almost full by the time we left, which meant we could make it all the way home.  One last bit of excitement was driving through a big wind farm near Joshua Tree National Park.  They always look so eerie/awesome at night with their synchronized air field of red lights.  We considered stopping at Hawthorne to charge up full, but our bed was calling our names pretty loudly, so we headed to our new home together.  Plus, we're in Brutus' homeland now.  There are electrons waiting to eaten around every corner.

E and I practicing our positivity faces earlier in the trip

Sun setting with California in the distance

Quartzite, AZ to Indio, CA
122.8 miles traveled, 41.8 kWh, 340 Wh/mi

Indio to Culver City, CA
139.9 miles
44.6 kWh
319 Wh/mi

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