Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back on Route

We left the RV park in Dolores and had to make the choice to go through Durango where there were known charging options, or go the route our Navigation was suggesting, straight to the Farmington Supercharger.  The 'straight' route was about 85 miles distance and we had 95 miles of range.  Cutting it close, but topography-wise, it looked like through Durango was more mountainside, whereas south to Farmington was (hopefully) a lot of downhill.  At this point we were getting kind of tired and my desire to just get where I wanted to go was overriding my desire to make safe decisions, so we took the Farmington route.

Luckily, my topography guestimate was correct and we arrived in Farmington surpassing our rated range with 21 miles to spare.  Personally, I did not like Farmington.  The supercharger was a little ways off the highway and there are all sorts of speed traps down to 25 mph in some areas, making it seem like it took forever to get there.  We took a short (though cold) walk to Chili's and had dinner.  We actually ended up getting our salads to go, because we were done charging before we were done eating.  I was glad to be back on the Supercharger route.  It's easy to adapt to having 120,000 watts waiting for you at the next stop.

Farmington Supercharger

Dolores to Farmington
88.1 miles
22.3 kWh
253 Wh/mi

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