Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Phoenix Sun

We dropped almost 4500 feet coming into Phoenix, getting far beyond "ideal range".  Beyond that the temperature also went up to 72 degrees.  We were both shedding layers at this point and Brewtus was so happy he didn't know what to do with himself.  Another surprise was that towards the bottom of the hill we actually were getting "tire pressures too high" readings.  I had been getting some tire pressure low readings with the low temps in Chicago and my tires had been checked and, I assume, filled.  We left Gallup earlier today at 10 degree temperatures and 6500 feet and had underwent a 62 degree temperature increase, not to mention coming down to 2-3000 feet elevation after hitting 13,000 foot elevations the day before.  I know our tires were likely very warm from all the driving, and perhaps even from the steep declines (though we used regen, not actual brakes -- which I think is sort of like engine-breaking in electric car world), but I was more worried about them popping, so I suggested we pull over and measure them.  They were all at about 60psi, with the recommendation being 51psi.  We put them down to 55, figuring it was a good warm tire median and didn't have any more problems.  Phoenix was chock-full of chargers, so we avoided going further into town and stopped at the first place along the interstate.  Since we killed it getting to Phoenix, leaving so much of our range left, we had just a brief charging stop before getting back on the road to Quartzsite.

There was one detail I forgot about on the last leg.  We actually got pulled over on our way to Flagstaff.  (Another snag in New Mexico before I escaped).  My Illinois registration expired in December.  Since the notice I received said it wasn't late until the end of January, I figured I would just get new tags when I arrived in California and immediately forgot about the fact that they were expiring.  Fortunately the police officer sympathized with my logic and since my tags were only about two weeks expired and our packed Model S demonstrated the fact I was moving, he let us off with a warning and a story about how he found it funny that Teslas weren't yet registered as an existing car in their computer system.  //shrug

Flagstaff to Phoenix, AZ
Distance traveled 129 miles.
Total energy: 29.9 kWh.
Average rate was 232 Wh/mi.
Temperature in Phoenix

Brewtus kicking up the dust in Arizona

Found Brewtus and E relaxing in the sun at a rest stop


  1. I hopefully your impression of New Mexico takes into account that you drove through a tiny corner (none of the corners are nice) of NM. If you drove through Chama (east of Farmington) or Taos (more east then Chama) it is epically beautiful. Even Santa Fe is nice or any mountainous regions. (Lots of mountains in New Mexico). I hope your next visit to the "land of enchantment" includes place that are not armpits like Farmington (land of oil and gas and the two of dirtyist coal power plants in the county - much of the energy going to California). Rant over =)

    Really enjoyed your blog. Its so important for folks to share their experiences with EV, especially cross-country ones. Yours was especially well written.

  2. I believe you. I will reserve judgement on New Mexico until I see more of it. :) Thanks for reading.