Friday, January 10, 2014

The Coyote State

We've been traveling straight down the same road for about 7 hours now.  South Dakota reminds me of Nebraska, except with a few more trees.  Flat, flat, flat.

I jumped in the back to lie down and slept basically the entire way to Mitchell.  We folded down the back seat.  Combined with the trunk space it provides a pretty significant amount of room and we laid out a sleeping bag for the non-driver to take naps.

Good news -- since we've left Chicago, five more superchargers have opened!  The route after Glenwood Springs, CO has been keeping me up at night and now it looks much more do-able.  I wouldn't be surprised if another one or two open before we even get there.  Thank you, Tesla!

Mitchell didn't have much other than a Dairy Queen in the parking lot.  Luckily we didn't need to stay long.  28 minutes and a Reese blizzard later and we were on our way.  Looking at the stats, E totally schooled me on energy usage.  I'll blame it on the increase in temperature.

Here are the stats:
Worthington, MN to Mitchell, SD
127.8 miles traveled, using 45.8 kWh at an average of 359 Wh/mi.
Left with 222 miles R-Range, arrived with 63 left.
Charged for 28 minutes.
Left with a partial charge of 217 miles.
Temperature is 38*F.

What it looks like with someone lying down in the back.  Boxes/Clothes are stacked up on the passenger side along with our lemon tree.

Supercharging at Mitchell, SD.  Temperatures above 30 degrees feel like a heat-wave! 

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