Friday, February 1, 2013

The EV life.

Owning electric vehicles is a lifestyle.  Some people get it, some people do not.
It turns out, I really love it.  We put a deposit down on a waiting list to hold our reservation about 20 months before we got our Tesla Model S.  Our car payment is more than our rent.  I'm sitting in a Nissan dealership right now blogging while I charge.  It's all worth it.
This car is nicer than any car I have ever driven.  It has the latest technology.  A 17" touchscreen with web browsing and music streaming capabilities not to mention completely adaptable software that can continue to be updated to the latest and greatest.  Unbelievable performance in a sedan of this size.  A panoramic roof and more room than I could possibly ever need in the trunk and frunk.  Plus those super awesome door handles that light up and present when I walk up... Like hey mama, welcome home!  Oh, right... And it's electric.  It somehow satisfies both my consumerism wants and my moralistic needs.
It's strange.  I've never had anything nice like this.  "Showy."  It's embarrassing sometimes.  But I'm trying to embrace the 'Tesla time', as its called.  The looks, the nods, the stops, allllllll the questions.  Because I believe in it.  I believe in the electric car industry.  I believe that it is time for us as a people to move on.  And this is my investment for the cause.  My children will never know a gas-powered vehicle.  I'm not going back.  We may have never become motorcycle riders if it wasn't for our Zero.  The ride is like a ninja.  Unbelievably fast and quiet.  The sensation can't be matched.
But... It is a lifestyle.  I'm making quite a few lifestyle changes this year.  None of them easy, but all of them for the better.

Today's lesson... Sub zero weather does not provide for optimum range.


  1. I don't think "owning electrical vehicles is a lifestyle." I think you've swallowed the bait, the hook, the line, and the sinker.

    Now, this is very understandable with respect to the automobile. I sometimes tell people about cars, that I've got the hook so far down that it's coming out the other end. I love cars. Any good American loves cars. Any bad American loves cars too.

    And if you stop to think about it, what $100,000 car is NOT sold as a lifestyle? How else can they get people to pony up such ridiculous amounts of money for four wheels and a box, anyway?

    I love cars so much. I am a complete fool for cars. At least I admit it, and I admit it with a wide smile on my face.

  2. I don't think owning electric vehicles is a lifestyle. I think driving an electric vehicle as your sole means of transportation is a lifestyle. It changes the way you go about your day and it also changes the way you are perceived by others. Hence being a lifestyle.

  3. I realize I said owning electric vehicles in the first line. This was in my own personal context -- I own two electric vehicles (one car, one motorcycle) and zero gas vehicles. If you own an electric vehicle on the side and normally drive a gas car, I would doubt your lifestyle has changed much.